MaryBeth Wiefels explains


the Secret of Horse Whisperers


Marybeth has had the pleasure and privilege of working with so many wonderful people and horses. Here are just a few of the kind things past clients and clinic attendees have had to say:

- We still talk about what a valuable clinic you put on at Shannon‘s, and I have to say that your advice on round-penning Jade at a walk (start and finish) has made her a much calmer horse under saddle. The improvement was dramatic and immediate . . . I am so pleased!

- As a rider, working with MaryBeth has been a transformational experience!

- I go to her clinics thinking that she will really help my horse, but I leave her clinics realizing that she has helped me even more.

- MaryBeth does not take a cookie-cutter approach in her training, rather she is flexible enough to account for the individual personality traits of both the horse and rider.

-I have left each of her clinics feeling so much more empowered than I was the day before.

- I like the way each of the skills she teaches builds on the previous one.

- I am always eager for another session with MaryBeth because I know that I'll learn something really valuable.

- This is an instructor who is a joy to be around

- I felt that your Saturday class was right on target - you were enthused, evidenced your true concern for the riders as well as the horses, humorous, genuine - and caught the audience's attention w/the information you wanted to convey..... Sunday a.m. was just as informative, and by then you had most of the rider's ears. Your love of what you do shines through

- She is a very good diagnostician regarding horse behavior. She is able to quickly understand what it is you need to do, to more clearly communicate your wishes to your horse.

-MaryBeth is a master at working with each individual within their own comfort zone. This allows for rapid improvement because the fear factor is immediately removed.

Forest fire, close up

On Labor Day Weekend, 2005, a wildfire swept through our neighborhood in the Sierra Nevada foothills. destroying 13 houses, including three adjacent to our property. Two of our outbuildings and most of our three acres burned.

At the height of the fire, I had to evacuate our two horses using a friend's truck and trailer. Both the horses and I had received Mary Beth's "HorseSpeak™" training. I had never loaded horses in a trailer. Thanks to the training, I was able to keep the horses calm while we were surrounded by flames. I was able to approach them, put on halters and lead ropes, and lead them to the trailer.

Thanks to the training, I was able to load the horses without problems or delays, and they remained calm throughout. Both horses are alive today due to her training.

I can't thank her enough for her program. Even though she was not present, her training was, and carried us through a most stressful experience. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Bill Davis
Valley Springs, CA