MaryBeth Wiefels explains


the Secret of Horse Whisperers


MaryBeth offers a number of different options for working with you and your horse. The right alternative for you and your horse depends on many things: your experience level, your horse's experience level, the amount of time you can spend, your goals, etc. Take a look at our offerings and give a call to discuss next steps.

Having a good time?

Hourly lessons with you and your horse

If you are having specific problems connecting with your horse, this may be your solution. I work with both you and your horse to establish clear lines of communication and create a partnership between you and your horse. You learn both training techniques as well as riding techniques.

Cost: $50 an hour at Cowgirl Up Ranch, $60 an hour off site

Cory and Jade, very attentive!

“We still talk about what a valuable clinic you put on at Shannon‘s, and I have to say that your advice on round-penning Jade at a walk (start and finish) has made her a much calmer horse under saddle. The improvement was dramatic and immediate. I am so pleased!”

-Cory, after a Conversational HorseSpeak™ clinic”


Focus is on understanding equine language and behavior (basic HorseSpeak™), riding in partnership with your horse, and desensitizing. Clinics can run from one to three days. Auditors are welcome.

Contact MaryBeth to host a clinic in your area. Call now and find out how to get your spot for free!

Cost: Usually between $235.00 and $399.00 depending on length.

Guest Instructor

A popular option at many barns; Marybeth's techniques complement many training programs, from dressage to western pleasure. The focus on creating partnership and lightness between horse and rider is a positive addition to any training regimen.

Cost: Contact MaryBeth for details

Horse socializing

Seminars and Workshops

Taking a different approach from the typical clinic scenario, our seminar format explores equine behavior and psychology in a focused learning format providing in-depth education and insight into the minds and bodies of horses. These classes are an enormous asset to anyone working in or interested in the equine industry. Farriers, trainers, vets, and anyone who wants to offer their very best to clients and horses, will gain valuable knowledge that can be put to use everyday.

**Online courses coming in summer of 2011**

After awhile, it all runs together

Popular Clinic Topics

  • Conversational HorseSpeak™: This is the first in MaryBeth's 3-part clinic sequence. The focus is on understanding equine language and behavior - basic HorseSpeak™. The clinic is an intensive 2 days, involving one-on-one with MaryBeth, group exercises, and learning to set and extend expectations for your partnership with your horse. Round pen and ground work concepts will be covered thoroughly, as well as putting it all under saddle to define and refine your communication with your horse.

Something's always going on at these clinics!

  • Riding toward Bridleless: the second of the HorseSpeak™ clinics, this one focuses on on riding in partnership with your horse. The HorseSpeak™ clinic is a prerequisite for this one.

Back Up, Big Boy!

  • Trail Readiness: The final clinic in MaryBeth's structured sequence, this one focuses on desensitization: balloons, streamers on fans, pool toys, bottles, teeter totter, bridges, the infamous carwash...not exactly likely to run into these on a leisurely trail ride, but great for building confidence and leadership.

    Student at a Trail Readiness Clinic
  • Trailer Loading: Fire season just doesn't seem like it's going to end, and your horse needs to be able to load into any type of trailer if the time comes. Join Marybeth for a fun and invaluable day of trailer training and practice. Learn solid techniques to load horses into straight loads, slant loads, 2 horse, or stock, big or small. Familiarize your horse with many different types of trailers so he can and will safely and quickly load should an emergency arise.