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Why a NipBuster™?

Some horses just know we are their cookie connection and they can't resist poking and nipping, looking for that treat. Many trainers advise not giving treats at all, others tell you not to let your horse be close to you, some even resort to hitting the horse as the only recourse- ask about how to cure a nipping horse and you'll get all kinds of opinions, and often not a clear answer.

Finally there is one!

Photo of NipBuster™ For those of us in the middle, wanting to spoil our pets a little, but not allow the line of respect to be crossed, there is the Nip Buster ™ (Patent Pending) A safe and humane training aid to cure nippy horses.

The NipBuster teaches Moochers Manners!

Comfortably and discreetly tucked away in the palm of your hand is the Nip Buster™. Your hands are free to halter, groom, and handle your horse. Yet, NipBuster™ is at your fingertips for an instant and distasteful correction without force or fear, discouraging your horse from nipping for cookies or inappropriate mutual grooming behavior. Based on response conditioning similar to clicker training, the Nip Buster™ quickly dispels pushy behavior. The patented NipBuster formula is all-natural and non-toxic.

NipBuster NipBuster

Patents Pending 61003489

Biting or Nipping: Is there a difference and how do you tell?
Baby and pony

Don't trust tiny fingers to a nippy horse!

Aggressive behavior such as biting in horses is extremely dangerous and must be dealt with accordingly. Aggressive biting can result in bodily harm and should be handled professionally.

The more common problem is annoying cookie nipping or mutual grooming behavior of pushy or spoiled horses. In these cases, over reacting with too aggressive behavior on your own part can create biters out of nippers as horses react in a fight or flight mode. Biting is meant to hurt you; ears are usually pinched back and the mouth attacks, teeth barred, quick like a snake strike. If he gets you, its going to hurt! Nippers tend to have the ears forward, searching for the cookies, picking through the pockets, getting progressively more insistent. Also common are the mutual groomers. Mutual grooming is a natural, friendly behavior frequently seen in the herd. Some horses tend to carry over this behavior while being groomed by their handlers and begin to "groom" their people. Unfortunately, our hide isn't made for this type of affection, and it must be discouraged. The Nip Buster is an ideal and safe way to put an end to non-aggressive nippers.