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How does the NipBuster work?


The Nip Buster is secured comfortably in the palm of your hand. When your horse goes for an inappropriate nip, you quickly press the button which emits a small, quick sour citrus spray. He is quickly discouraged, without hitting or yelling. In fact, done discreetly, he won't even see you as the cause. He will, however, make the connection that nipping at you tastes VERY unpleasant. Horses are smart and easy learners and creatures of comfort, one or two well timed sprays usually make a believer out of them!

Is NipBuster Safe?

Absolutely, it is made of entirely non-toxic, all-natural ingredients.

Can I use NipBuster on my dog?

The horse version of NipBuster is not formulated for dogs, however, we will be releasing a canine version in the very near future.

Is additional training necessary?

If your horse is aggressively biting, you should seek professional help. Aggressive biting is dangerous. All horses should be taught respectful behavior, however, there are many opinions and theories on handling nippiness. NipBusterā„¢ is designed to correct nipping behavior in horses caused by treat searching, or oral fixations. NipBuster's creator, clinician Marybeth Wiefels, even uses it in deterring stallions from biting behaviors, as well as youngsters who need to learn humans aren't playthings to nibble on!

How long does it last?

Currently NipBuster is available in a 5 ml size. This allows approximately 40 uses! NipBuster is a training aid usually requiring only several well-timed uses to solve the problem, with the occasional reminder. (Personally, I tend to lose mine before ever running out, all the more reason to buy three-one for your pocket, one for the barn and one for the trailer!)


Testimonials from Equine Affair, one of the largest equine trade shows in the nation:

  • “. . .genius, you saved my relationship with my horse!”
  • “. . .so simple and easy, nothing on the market like it.”
  • “. . .no more elbowing and slapping my horse, I hated doing that and it didn't help.”
  • “. . .finally a solution for those of us who aren't trainers!”

“I love Nip Buster. It is a safe, humane and extremely effective product to stop horses from mugging. It sends the horse a message immediately without putting a damper on his willingness to work.” -Sue De Laurentis.

Sue and Beau

Sue and Beau rearing - on purpose!

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Sue, Colorado, and Rafiq

Sue, Colorado and Rafiq at liberty

“I am amazed at the immediate, but quiet restraining action this spray device has on "nippy" horses. Having raised a Friesian/Peruvian stallion since his birth - we always played a lot - and especially during the weaning process - part of his play, was nipping - at 3yrs old - the playful nips were not fun at all, to me :( after only 3 nip/spray episodes - he still is my best buddy, with RESPECT! (and no head shying)! In addition - a Real Plus is the handy finger holding device - so the horse does not see it, thinks you have magical hands - and you can still USE your hand :)” -Roxanne Dohery, Peruvians and Fiesian Sport Horses, West Point, CA