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Movin' On Up!

During our off season we have been making great improvements here at the ranch to bring you the best for 2013!

We have added a spacious bunkhouse that sleeps up to a group of 8. We have added a new privy and a shower with hot water! Private accommodations are available too if you want to get away from it all. Personally, I have been taking numerous classes to improve my coaching and teaching techniques, as well as continuing education on the behavior and psychology of horses. I'm eager to get the 2013 season rolling and am dedicated to giving you my very best.

In addition to our annual four day camp in May, we will host several additional camps with specialized focus. We will continue to have regular horse camps for folks with their own horses as well as specialty camps for everyone. Our first annual Women's Empowerment Retreat will be held March 9-11. In addition to work with our horses, we will also include powerful workshops that will topple your self-limiting beliefs. The March event even includes a firewalk! Every camp will build on the concepts of HorseSpeak, be extremely hands-on, and remain true to our theme of teaching you to be the trainer.

Adult horse camps offer you a format that gives you time to learn and digest the information, then put it to actual use. As you spend quality time with your horse, you develop a deeper bond while experiencing his language. From beginner to seasoned pro, These 'adults only' camps will bring a wealth of understanding as you learn from each other, with horses as your mentors.

April 14-15 will be our Spring Fling and Tune Up. $199Start your season off right with a weekend away bonding with your horse and making new friends or reconnecting with camp buddies from seasons past.Bring a friend for 10% off each of your tuition fees!

May 10-13 Our annual Mayne event will be the 10 -13 of May this year with our usual Wednesday night potluck for early arrivals. This camp will be limited to 8 participants and offer the best of the Confidence Camps and HorseSpeak. Come join the "regulars" who return each year to laugh and learn together. We love new faces!

School horses available


This dang economy... We have been given a couple generous opportunities to further our education and we want to pass that spirit of support onto all of you. If you feel drawn to attend and finances are an issue, we have several options to help you out, from deferred payments to work-exchange. Don't be shy, we will help you work it out.

Ask about our package deals for the year! Attend four or more events and spread the payments out evenly over the year.

Other Events to Come: Learn the art of teaching tricks from bowing on a pedestal to picking up objects on command. Trick sessions will begin Friday afternoon with a 2 hour session. Saturday will have a morning session and afternoon session. In between, head out on the trail for a scenic ride at Lake Camanche, where you can head off with friends or hang out with Marybeth and work on trail safety and obstacle training. Sunday will have a morning trick training session, leaving your afternoon free for more trail riding or practice on the ranch.

Clinic price $199 + $25 if you want bunkhouse lodging.

TBA: Riding Towards Bridleless Clinic

3 day clinic. In this clinic we fine tune your cues both from the ground and in the saddle. You will work to master your subtle cues and create the communication needed to ride your horse without a bridle. Even if the thought to ride your horse bridleless has never crossed your mind, the finesse you gain from this clinic will improve your riding relationship dramatically.

Clinic Price $235 +$25 if you want bunkhouse lodging

TBA: Riding with Rhythm and Rate Equitation Clinic

2 day clinic. Finding your balance and rhythm is often a challenge. In this clinic, you will learn how to develop the oft elusive "feel" that you keep hearing about. You will also learn the foundation of equitation and how it applies to maintaining feel and rhythm.

Clinic Price $199 (discount if you sign up for Camp and Play Days too.)

TBA: Camp and Play days

A fun filled weekend of skill -testing games in a supportive environment! The games will reflect good horsemanship skills and relationship building with your horse.

Price $175 +$25 for bunkhouse lodging if desired.

Fall date TBA: Womens Confidence Camp

People spend lots of time and money training their horses. Bomb-proofing clinics, trail desensitization, padded stalls, all good efforts intended to teach these beautiful fear-based creatures how to handle their emotions in a human world. But what about you? How do you handle your emotions in the horse world? Do you spend any time helping yourself learn how to handle the natural fear and anxiety that creeps up on us as we get older? The buzz words are all familiar: PTSD, anxiety, OCD (for those who can?t stop brushing their horse for fear they then have to ride him!) but not often recognized in your relationship with your horse. It is perfectly reasonable to experience some fear and anxiety with horses, yet, ultimately your horse is looking to YOU for guidance and confidence. And when you?re not sure you are up to the challenge, he knows it and the problems begin. This four day camp will help you learn to understand and control your fears, put anxiety to rest, and become the rider your horse wants and needs you to be. Very hands-on (your horse comes with you) you will work with a true horse whisperer to learn about yourself as well as your horse. Supported by a caring staff that have all felt what you feel, and surrounded by people who all came for the same reasons, this camp is your recipe for success.

More Information: Join our blog for all the latest news. Check out a report on previous years Cowgirl Confidence Camp or email Marybeth for more details.

Base Camp

Camping is always available at the ranch. Located less than 15 minutes from 4 major trailheads, you won't be bored! Stay in our private cabin nestled at the edge of the woods, or 'rough' it in the bunkhouse, or bring your camper. Grab a private session with Marybeth, if you like.

Products Catalog Page

Very soon we will have our own catalog page on this site where you can quickly and easily purchase NipBuster, SoftSticks, CSI Pads, or Natural Look CatchMasks. More Marybeth endorsed products will be available soon. Be sure to check back often and shop away in time for Christmas!!


Its time to start having some fun in these tough economic times! 3 sessions, 2 hours each, Sept 2-3, 2011 Putting the Fun back into Fundamentals. Learn how to check for apptitude, start the basics of behavior conditioning, and begin having fun with tricks! Time for you and your horse to be the life of the party! $160 includes all three sessions, 6- 10 particiapants, first come first serve. Visa/MC accepted.

MaryBeth's events are always fun to watch!

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