MaryBeth Wiefels explains


the Secret of Horse Whisperers

Interesting Links

At Cowgirl Up Ranch, we believe in learning where we can from whoever we can, and we are interested in many different aspects of horsemanship. Here are some of our favorite internet resources.

Clinicians and Trainers

  • Imagine a Horse
    Sue De Laurentis and Allen Pogue collectively formed Imagine A Horse to bring Trick Horse Training into the 21st Century. They actively work with students, both human and equine from around the globe.

Horse Information, mustangs, etc.


  • Nip Buster
    Some horses just know we are their cookie connection and they can't resist poking and nipping, looking for that treat. Many trainers advise not giving treats at all, others tell you not to let your horse be close to you, some even resort to hitting the horse as the only recourse - ask about how to cure a nipping horse and you'll get all kinds of opinions, and often not a clear answer. For those of us in the middle, wanting to spoil our pets a little, but not allow the line respect to be crossed, there is the Nip Buster™ (patent pending), a safe and humane training aid to cure nippy horses.
  • CSI Flex-Plate® Pads
    The only saddle pad MaryBeth uses. The CSI Flex-Plate® is designed to work with a horse's anatomy and takes into account both muscle and bone structure as well how the equine back shape relates to typical western saddle tree design. When combined with the foam insert layer, the CSI Flex-Plate® Saddlepad virtually eliminates pressure points and back soreness. No matter how well your saddle fits, the CSI Flex-Plate®will make a difference in your ride.


The internet is great, but sometimes books are better. Here are a few of MaryBeth's favorites:
  • The Soul of a Horse by Joe Camp
  • Anything by Mark Rashid
  • Naked Liberty by Carolyn Resnick
  • Zen Mind, Zen Horse