MaryBeth Wiefels explains


the Secret of Horse Whisperers

What's HorseSpeak™?

"HorseSpeak™" is just my way of describing the language of horses. Although not as vocal as some other animals, horses possess a large vocabulary of their own, beyond the nicker of a friendly greeting, the scream of a challenge, or the mournful whinny. Understanding the nature of the horse's communication style and social interactions is the basis behind all current "natural" training techniques, no matter who the clinician is or what their method is called. My goal is to teach you the theory and concepts behind the methods so you can be the most effective in your journey with your equine partner.

How can HorseSpeak™ help you?

Understanding HorseSpeak™ creates a powerful connection with your horse. This is not a new fangled discovery, nor am I alone in its use. It comes in many forms with many names. If you follow the training circuit, you will notice that the well-known trainers are relying on their understanding of the psychology of horses to be successful in their training. It's not that successful people use natural methods, rather, natural methods create successful people.

What sets me apart is my ability to teach YOU the language and psychology of horses in an easy to understand way. I will show you how to see the subtleties that trainers see, and how to use those observations in communicating cues to your horse. And, because communication is a two way street, I teach you how horses perceive cues and show you how to be clear and articulate in the language of HorseSpeak™.

Knowledge and understanding alleviates fear. Many folks are returning to horses after years away raising families or focusing on careers. Often these folks find themselves wondering why they are filled with reservations or fears when they finally realize their dream of having horses again. Others have finally reached a point in their lives to get their first horse, but feel awkward about starting something later in life or not being as physically fit as they once may have been. As quoted by one of these students, MaryBeth is a master at working with each individual within their own comfort zone. This allows for rapid improvement because the fear factor is immediately removed.

The application of HorseSpeak™ is easy and the results are dramatic. HorseSpeak™ doesn't depend on gadgets or tricks. It is an education in language. Connect with your new horse, relate to a troubled one, understand a sensitive or shy horse. Whether you are a seasoned rider starting a green horse or a new rider getting to know your first horse, let me show you HorseSpeak™ and realize the dreams you had as a child!

MaryBeth and Jade HorseSpeak™ is taught in an easy going and supportive atmosphere, for both handler and horse. MaryBeth, Donna, and Sunny "MaryBeth's approach is always collaborative. She respects the handler's insights into her horse - and I suspect she reads the horse's insights into the handler, and respects them, too!"